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About Us

Where snowy mountain peaks meet the crystal blue fjord, lies Stranda. Here, in the beautiful and rough west country of Norway, there has been a rich tradition and knowledge in producing cured meat products. Tind Spekevarer are now building on this to create new and exciting quality products. With the aqusition of the first meat grinder in the late 19th century, Karl Ringstad, who later foundedd the original company Ringstads Pølsefabrikk, made the first product in 1884. Tind Spekevarer are built on this tradition. In 2005, after decades of industrial ownership under different names, Tind Spekevarer was established as a employee owned company. In Tind we link our passion for food, and wide knowledge of production, with a true spirit of teamwork. We take the time necessary to make cured meat products the way we think they ought to be. We are look forward to share our best efforts with You.